A Rose for Emily

09 Apr 2019 14:23

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Hear townspeople of Jefferson Mississippi:
I know that all of you must think that I am insane after the discovery that you have made. But none of you really know how my life has been and what took me to do what I did. I want you to read and reflect on the story of a person and after reading it, you can feel free to think and judge me however you want.
This story is about a woman that since her childhood the only person that she really knew and came in contact with was her father. He kept her totally secluded and away from the real world. He tried to protect her from the outside world and he never realized what harm he was causing her in her future life. By alienating her, she was never able to enter and evolve herself in the normal life of a society. That is why she became a total mystery to the townspeople and that brought curiosity from them, because they knew almost nothing about her. Consequently, she became the center of all gossip. You can read more here — http://moriammazzolly.edublogs.org/2019/04/03/battles-and-battle-techniques-essays/
After her father`s death, she became emotionally unstable due to the fact that he was the only person that influences her throughout her life. For three days she refused to accept his death, she could not let anybody dispose of his body, but eventually she came to her senses and let her father rest in peace. I know that at this moment you might think that she was starting to go insane, but do not look at it that way. She was not going crazy.
At that moment the only thing that she did not want to feel was a deep sense of loneliness. And this is the reason why she could not accept his death and wanted to keep his body close to her. After this, she looked herself in an obscure dark world. When she decided to go out again, she felt a deep sense of fear and insecurity, because she had never been exposed to the world and she felt that everybody was looking and talking about her. But she did it!

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